Regulations for Cloud Computing Research Center

Amended and approved by the review committee on Aug 9, 2000

Approved by the principal on Aug 17, 2000

I. General Provision

1. These regulations are formulated in accordance with the provisions of the Research Center Establishment and Abolition Review Measures of National Sun Yat-sen University.

2. This center is named “Cloud Computing Research Center of National Sun Yat-sen University ” (hereinafter referred to as this center), which is the first-level task-oriented research center of National Sun Yat-sen University.

3. The purpose of this center is to effectively cultivate cloud computing R&D talents, improve the level of cloud computing technology in the school, and promote industry-university cooperation. The mission of this center is as follows.

  • to improve the level of the university’s cloud computing technology,
  • to aim at cloud computing and service related research projects,
  • to strive for cloud computing related education improvement programs,
  • to carry out cloud computing R&D talent cultivation,
  • to improve industry-university cooperation related to cloud computing,
  • to assist in cloud computing related seminars, workshops and competitions,
  • to integrate R&D talents and resources for cloud computing in our school.

II. Organization and Responsibility

4. This center is the first-level task-oriented research center, with integrated comprehensive business section and R&D section, and their tasks are as follows.

  • Comprehensive business section: to integrate related teaching, training courses, patent applications, cross-school cooperation and research, seminars and competitions.
  • R&D section: to (a) plan the research direction, (b) integrate school resources, (c) promote cross-field cooperative research, (d) apply for related research projects, industry-university cooperation and technology transfer promotion.

III. Organizational Structure

5. The center has a director who has a term of 2 years to handle the affairs of the center. The director shall be appointed by the principal for professors or researchers in relevant research fields of the school.

6. Each section of the center has one team leader, and the director of the center recommends that the principal invites professors, associate professors or assistant professors (research fellows, associate research fellows or assistant research fellows) to hire them.

7. Business-related personnel are temporarily hired according to the nature of the plan and the period of the plan.

8. This center sets up an advisory committee to hire members inside and outside the school to make suggestions on the operation of the center. The members are all unpaid, but when the outside members attend the consultation meeting, they may receive the necessary attendance fees.

IV. Funds

9. All funds (including personnel expenses) of the task-oriented center are paid for by the center’s own projects or other self-sufficient approaches. All income and expenditure of the center should be included in the school fund, and the reporting and expenditure of various funds shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of the school.

V. Supplementary Regulations

10. The center needs to do self-evaluation and accept the school’s evaluation every year, and the evaluation items are handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

11. If the center has the following circumstances, it is deemed to be automatically abolished.

  • The reason for establishment of this center disappeared, and the director, recommended supervisor, approved meeting committee or principal proposes to abolish.
  • This center violates the aforementioned 10 regulations.
  • The funds of this center are not enough to support the operation.

12. These regulations are approved by the center’s establishment review meeting and implemented after the principal’s approval; when revised, it is approved by the center’s business meeting and implemented after the principal’s approval.